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An estimated 80% of new headache patients per year are diagnosed with cervicogenic headache. Of these patients, almost none are referred with this diagnosis. “One of the confusing phenomena about the cervicogenic headache is that its symptoms can present as migraine headaches, tension-type headaches or even cluster headaches.”

Rothbart P. The cervicogenic headache: A pain in the neck. Can J Diagnos 1996; 13: 64–71


Anytime Physio is one of Brisbane’s most affordable headache and migraine clinic. We use advanced and evidence-based methods to treat and prevent headaches or migraines. Our physiotherapists are trained to perform a thorough examination of the head and neck with specific manual therapy techniques to provide drug-free relief from acute to chronic headaches and migraines. The method involves sustained pressures on neck joints and does not involve high-velocity thrusts or cracking of your neck.


We provide treatments for the following types of headaches or migraines. To find out more about each type of headache, click onto the following links:

·       Cervicogenic headache

·       Migraine with or without aura

·       Menstrual migraine

·       Tension-type headache

·       Cluster headache (aka “suicide headache”)

·       Sinus headache

·       Whiplash with headache (from motor vehicle accident)

·       Jaw pain with headache (temporomandibular or TMJ  dysfunction)


Anytime Physio has also invested in Cefaly. Cefaly is nerve stimulation device has been used in America to help alleviate migraine by targeting the trigeminal nerve. Anytime Physio is Brisbane’s first physiotherapy clinic to introduce Cefaly to treat and prevent migraines.


Brisbane's most affordable headache and migraine treatment at Anytime Physio in Newstead and Clayfield.

The Watson Headache Approach

The Watson Headache Approach is a manual therapy methodology developed by Dr Dean Watson from the Watson Headache Institute over the past 24 years. It is a very systematic approach that identifies the exact cervical joint at the root of your headache or migraine condition. Our principal physiotherapist Alan Wan has undergone extensive training in the Watson Headache Approach, completing both Level 1 and Level 2 courses over 2016 – 2018. 

How Does The Watson Headache Approach Work?

The Watson Headache Approach aims to address sensitization of the top three joints in the neck to treat and reduce the symptoms of headache and migraine. It is thought that dysfunction of one or more of these joints leads to sensitization of the nearby nerve tissue, which includes the trigeminocervical nucleus, an important nerve pathway in headaches and migraine pain.

First, your physiotherapist will thoroughly assess and examine the joints at the top of your neck. This is done to identify stiffness in the joints and altered muscle activity. Your physio will most likely identify one or two joints that, when stressed with manual pressure, reproduce the pain of your headache or migraine condition.

Once your physiotherapist has confirmed the level that most accurately reproduces the pain of headache or migraine, treatment consists of sustained pressure applied to the joint. This is similar to a muscle trigger point release, where the therapist will sustain pressure on a taut band of muscle, also known as a “muscle knot”. In the case of headache and migraine treatment, joint stiffness and adjacent muscle spasm will reduce over time with the sustained pressure. As a result, the pain caused by this joint stiffness and muscle spasm reduces.

How Long Does Treatment Take With The Watson Headache Approach?

Our initial consultations are one hour, while subsequent consultations are 30 minutes. Generally, three to four sessions are recommended within the first two to three weeks. This higher frequency of treatment allows us to better gauge treatment response. Most headache and migraine sufferers will experience a significant reduction in symptoms within the first two weeks, with continued improvement with subsequent treatment.

Cefaly for Migraine Treatment and Prevention

Cefaly is a form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). It aims to treat and prevent headaches and migraines by directly targeting the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for sensory fibres in the face and interacts with the upper segments in the neck. Sensitivity of the nerve can be a major source of headaches as it amplifies signals to the brain. TENS has been used by physiotherapists to provide pain relief for muscle and joint pain. In contrast to standard TENS, which cannot be used for headache treatment, Cefaly is a specialised TENS unit that offers safe, effective and rapid relief from acute headaches or migraines as well as prevention from recurrent episodes of migraine attacks. Cefaly is able to produce sedative effects on the nervous system to decrease sensitivity and reduce migraine-triggering threshold. 

Cefaly for headache and migraine now available in Brisbane

Does Cefaly Really Work?

Cefaly is an evidence-based method for treating and preventing migraines and headaches. Published research data has supported the use of Cefaly for sedative effect, treatment of acute migraine attacks, prevention of migraines, and as a first line treatment for patients experiencing a low frequency of attacks. Cefaly has also been FDA approved in the USA and has been shown to be a safe method for treating headaches and migraines. As such, Anytime PHysio has added Cefaly to its range of treatment options for headaches and migraines.

Brisbane's Most Affordable Headache Clinic

At Anytime Physio, we believe in simple, honest pricing. Despite the extensive training required to accurately diagnose and treat headaches and migraines, we do not charge extra for headache consultations (for you, this can mean savings of up to 50% compared to other headache clinics). All of our headache consultations are one-on-one with Alan. Rebates are available on all major health funds and claims are processed on the spot for hassle free payment.

Initial Consultation

Discover the solution to your headaches & migraines
$ 180
per consultation
  • Private 60 minute consultation
  • Comprehensive assessment and physical examination of the head and neck
  • Precise diagnosis of the factors contributing to headache and migraine pain
  • Expert hands-on treatment
  • Personal rehabilitation program prescription in Physitrack

Follow Up Consultation

Achieve lasting migraine relief
$ 90 per session
  • Private 30 minute session
  • Reassessment and physical examination of the head and neck
  • Confirmation of diagnosis based on response to treatment
  • Expert hands-on treatment
  • Rehabilitation exercise program updates in Physitrack

Migraine Relief Bundle

Bundle 4 sessions and save!
$ 85 per session
  • 4 x Private 30 minute sessions
  • Comprehensive reassessment of the head and neck with confirmation of diagnosis
  • Expert hands-on treatment
  • Personal rehabilitation program with updates at each session
  • Perfect for overcoming chronic headaches and migraines or severe migraine episodes

Discovery Consultation

Find out how we can help
Free 5 minute video consultation
  • Private 5 minute video consultation
  • Discuss your condition and treatment options with a physiotherapist
  • Simple advice and education
  • Get help from the comfort of your home or office
  • Perfect for simple injuries or people interested in our services

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