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What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a rehabilitation method that combines traditional Pilates exercises with the clinical expertise of a trained musculoskeletal¬†physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates takes an individualized approach to exercise prescription. Because of this, Clinical Pilates starts with a thorough, private assessment of your body. We assess neuromuscular control and identify your preferred movement patterns. Then, based on the assessment findings, our trained physiotherapist will directly address your body’s imbalances through Reformer and mat work exercises. Clinical Pilates classes or one-on-one sessions can help with the treatment and prevention of pain and injuries including:

  • Pre- & postnatal conditions
  • Poor posture
  • Balance and falls prevention
  • Pre- & post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Hypermobility‚Äč
Reformer Pilates is available at Anytime Physio in Clayfield Brisbane

Who Runs Our Pilates Classes?

There are many Pilates studios that offer Pilates for fitness. These classes are typically run by fitness instructors who have done a short course on Pilates. This is great for people who simply want to incorporate some Pilates into their fitness routine, but is not suitable for people with injuries, chronic pain or joint replacements.

Unlike Pilates for fitness, Clinical Pilates is used by qualified Physiotherapists who have completed extensive training with DMA in South Yarra in Melbourne. At Anytime Physio, Joy Kim, our Senior Physiotherapist and DMA qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor, runs our private and group Pilates classes. Joy has also completed her Rehab Course with Studio Pilates.

How Much Do Pilates Sessions Cost?

Anytime Physio offers a range of options for Pilates sessions, ranging from private sessions, 1+1 sessions (with a friend) and small group classes. Because we believe in simple, honest pricing, our private Pilates consultations are the same price as our standard Physiotherapy consultations. See our full list of Pilates services and pricing below.

Group Pilates Pricing and Bundles

Bundles are recommended for people who are new to Pilates or those who are recovering from injuries. Our packages offer attractive value and the flexibility to fit your rehabilitation into your schedule.

Casual Group Pass*

Flexible single class pass
$ 40
per person
  • 50 minute group class
  • Guided by a physiotherapist
  • Shared use of reformer

5 Group Class Bundle*

Bundle 5 classes and save!
$ 36
per class
  • 50 minute group class
  • Join up to 5 group Pilates classes**
  • Flexibility to use passes over 10 weeks

10 Group Class Bundle*

Bundle 10 classes and save!
$ 32 per class
  • 50 minute group class
  • Join up to 10 group Pilates classes**
  • Flexibility to use passes over 20 weeks

* Class participants must have previously attended an Initial Private Pilates session to be eligible for 1+1 Pilates Sessions & Group Pilates Classes
** Subject to class availability. Please contact our clinic on 07 3733 0944 for details.

Book Newstead Pilates Class

Book your Group Pilates Class at Anytime Physio Gasworks. If this is your first time, you will need to book a Private Pilates session before joining any of our group classes.

Private Reformer Pilates Pricing and Bundles

Initial Private Pilates

For new clients or new injuries
$ 95
per consultation
  • Private 30 minute session
  • Compehensive assessment and physical examination
  • Expert diagnosis of condition and treatment planning
  • Instruction and guided use of reformer
  • Personal rehabilitation program prescription in Physitrack

Follow Up Private Pilates

Continue your rehabilitation
$ 85
per session
  • Private 30 minute session
  • Reassessment and physical examination of condition
  • Confirmation of diagnosis based on response to treatment
  • Instruction and guided use of reformer
  • Rehabilitation exercise program updates in Physitrack

4 Reformer Bundle

Bundle 4 private sessions and save!
$ 80
per session
  • 4 x Private 30 minute sessions
  • Comprehensive assessment and reassessment of condition
  • Instruction and guided use of reformer
  • Personal rehabilitation program with updates at each session
  • Perfect for recent injuries such as ankle sprains and sporting injuries

Discovery Consultation

Find out how we can help
Free 10 minute phone consultation
  • Private 10 minute phone consultation
  • Discuss your condition and treatment options with a physiotherapist
  • Simple advice and education
  • Get help from the comfort of your home or office
  • Perfect for simple injuries or people interested in our services

Book Newstead Private Pilates Session

Book your Private Reformer Pilates session at Anytime Physio Gasworks.

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