Brisbane Rock Climbing Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

Climbing Injury Treatment

Rock climbing has it’s own special subset of injuries. From finger pulley ruptures and stress fractures in the fingers, to cartilage damage in the shoulders, torn ligaments and menisci in the knees and even foot fractures from falling in climbing shoes, climbing injuries can be very specific to rock climbers. They are typically more difficult for non-specialized, non-climbing practitioners to diagnose. At Brisbane Anytime Physio, our two principal physiotherapists, Alan Wan and Joy Kim, are both climbers. They have a special interest in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating climbing-specific injuries with the goal of getting you back to climbing at your peak.

Brisbane's premier sports physiotherapist for rock climbing injuries in Newstead / Teneriffe and Clayfield

Resident Rock Climbers at Anytime Physio

Alan Wan

Alan is a Brisbane-trained musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a wealth of knowledge on neck pain and upper limb injuries including shoulder bursitis and rotator cuff pain, wrist, hand and finger pain. He is completing his PhD in Physiotherapy and Pain Science at the University of Queensland and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. He is a regular at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, dropping into Urban Climb Newstead, Milton or West End if the weather requires. His current go-to pair of shoes are the La Sportiva Solutions.

Joy Kim

Joy is a physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor with a special interest in injuries to the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. She has worked in musculoskeletal physiotherapy practices across Brisbane and has provided field coverage for the whole gamut of sports from basketball, to netball and even rock climbing and bouldering. The latter was most likely an excuse to get on the boulders at Urban Climb Milton! She also frequents the cliffs at Kangaroo Point, as well as Urban Climb Newstead and Milton.

Onsite Coverage for Climbing Injuries

Injuries happen. Whether its pulling a muscle, twisting a knee or spraining an ankle falling between two bouldering mats, Anytime Physio has you covered. We’ve provided onsite coverage for sporting events and climbing competitions in and around Brisbane. We are also partnering with Sport Climbing Australia to provide onsite coverage for Queensland State Titles.

Past Events We've Covered

ICP Qld Boulderfest 2018 Powered by ClifBar – Urban Climb Milton, August 4th – 5th 2018
Qld State Bouldering Titles 2018 – Venue TBC, September 15th – 16th 2018
Sufferfest 2019 – Urban Climb West End, January 18th – 19th

Upcoming Events

Qld State Lead Titles 2019 – Urban Climb West End, March 10th – 11th 2019

Interested in Partnering With Us?

If you are interested in partnering with us or having us at your next rock climbing event or competition, email or call us on 07 3733 0944 to discuss your event.

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