TheraGun Treatment in Brisbane

State-Of-The-Art Percussive Therapy

Anytime Physio uses the TheraGun G2Pro, the world leader in percussive therapy. Touted as the NBA’s secret sideline weapon used to keep athletes limber and in peak form, the TheraGun is a safe and effective treatment for muscle tightness and pain.​

TheraGun G3Pro Brisbane

What is a TheraGun?

The TheraGun is a percussive therapy device which aims to reduce muscle knots, break down scar tissue, improve lymphatic flow and reduce lactic acid build up. The TheraGun produces rapid percussions, up to 40 percussions per second, delivering up to 80 pounds of pressure. The rapid percussions produced by the TheraGun reduce muscle spasm and resting muscle tone, achieving deep relaxation quicker than standard remedial massage and commercially available vibration massage devices.

Does TheraGun Therapy Hurt?

TheraGun treatments should not hurt. When used by a skilled physiotherapist with a detailed knowledge of muscular and skeletal anatomy, the TheraGun can be used to directly treat sore, tight and dysfunctional muscles without causing pain or injury to the surrounding bone. When used correctly, the TheraGun can provide rapid relief from pain and tightness.

Ready To Try The TheraGun?

TheraGun therapy is available at our Newstead / Gasworks clinic. Book online below using our simple and secure online booking system or call us on 07 3733 0944 to organise an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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