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More Than Just Physiotherapy

At Anytime Physio, all our physiotherapists are skilled in many different types of physiotherapy treatment. With experience in dealing with a wide range of musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries, we’re be able to tailor your physiotherapy treatment to suit your specific needs. Whether you’ve sprained your ankle playing football, spent too long in front of the computer at work or aren’t even sure how the pain started in the first place, we can help.

Our physiotherapists specialise in providing effective treatment for common complaints such as lower back pain, whiplash injuries, headaches & migraines, jaw pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. We use a variety of physiotherapy treatments (usually used in a combination) to ensure your treatment plan will work effectively for you. 

New Farm & Gasworks Physiotherapy

We have a talented team providing high-quality care and physiotherapy at our Newstead (Gasworks) and New Farm clinics. Our physios are highly qualified, university-trained health professionals who work in partnership with their patients to help people get better and stay well.

Using advanced techniques and evidence-based care, physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. Physiotherapy helps repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, and increase mobility and quality of life.

Book an appointment for your physiotherapy at our Newstead (Gasworks) or New Farm clinic now.

Private & Group Reformer Pilates Classes

We offer reformer Pilates at Anytime Physio Gasworks as a part of physiotherapy treatment. Clinical Pilates is fantastic for tailoring a physio exercise program to your treatment and recovery.

Clinical Pilates combines specific exercises from Pilates with the clinical expertise of a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates takes an individualised approach to exercise prescription. This involves a thorough assessment of your body’s neuromuscular control, identifying your preferred movement patterns, before directly addressing your body’s imbalances.

Reformer Pilates works in partnership with clinical Pilates to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Headaches & Migraine Physiotherapy

Headaches and migraines are a common ailment that can be very incredibly debilitating to live with. Anytime Physio uses the Watson Headache Approach to diagnose and treat headaches and migraines. This manual therapy approach involves examining and managing the upper three spinal segments of the neck. These spinal segments are usually the cause of headache or migraine symptoms.

Book in for a headache consultation today to achieve lasting relief from your headaches or migraines.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is used to treat pain through placing thin needles in muscle or other soft tissues. Dry needling is effectively used in physiotherapy for injuries including low back pain, shoulder pain and ankle sprains. Dry needling aims to stimulate “trigger points” with the needles to effect a change in muscle tone and length.

Anytime Physio offers Dry Needling at our three locations in Newstead / Teneriffe, New Farm and Clayfield. Your physiotherapist may recommend dry needling as part of your treatment.

TheraGun Percussive Therapy

​Anytime Physio uses TheraGun percussive therapy to effectively release muscle knots, break up scar tissue and assist with rapid muscle recovery. The TheraGun is optimized for treating muscle and joint pain, as well as helping to relieving muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness – ideal for managing sport injuries. 

Rock Climbing Injury Treatment

Climbers can attest to the unique set of injuries that rock climbing can cause. To better support patients with climbing injuries (such as stress fractures in fingers or cartilage damage in the shoulders), we have specific physiotherapists who specialise in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating climbers back to top condition.

What to Expect in a Typical Physiotherapy Session

​In the initial consultation, your physio will go through a full assessment of your injury and physical health in order to determine your specific physiotherapy treatment. Depending on your injury, your session might include manual therapy such as massage techniques. They’ll also take you through a series of stretches and exercises that you can perform at home to assist with recovery. 

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