Newstead Reformer Pilates & Exercise Classes

Small Group Exercise Classes to Suit Every Fitness Level

Anytime Physio Gasworks offers health fund rebatable exercise classes in Gasworks Plaza, Newstead. Our classes are all run by experienced, University-trained physiotherapists. Each class is capped at a maximum of 5 people, so you always have access to an instructor when you need guidance or assistance. Classes range from Reformer and mat Pilates, men’s flexibility and even a senior’s strength and balance classes for falls prevention.

Anytime Physio Gasworks is Newstead's Best Physio Clinic offering Physiotherapy, Pilates and Massage

Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer Pilates classes are run by a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor. Clinical Pilates takes an individualised approach to exercise prescription, so this means your program is tailored to your needs and goals.

Plus, because our classes are run by a Physiotherapist, our Reformer Pilates classes can form an important part of the injury rehabilitation and recovery process.

Our classes all run for 50 minutes and are eligible for health fund rebates. Pricing for a casual class is $40 and comes down to $32 when bought in packages. You can learn more about our pricing here.

Reformer Pilates is available at Anytime Physio in Clayfield Brisbane
Newstead Men's Flexibility and Pilates Class

Men's Flexibility & Pilates

Finally – a flexibility and Pilates class designed just for men. Our men’s flexibility classes are run by a senior physiotherapist with experience in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. All exercises target the problem areas that men face with flexibility, including the thoracic spine, shoulders, hips and hamstrings. 

Classes run for 50 minutes and are eligible for health fund rebates. Pricing for a casual class is $40 and comes down to $32 when bought in packages.

Senior's Strength & Balance

Anytime Physio offers a gentle exercise class for that targets strength and balance for people over 60. Our classes are run by physiotherapists with experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries, managing post-surgical rehabilitation and falls prevention programs.

Classes run for 50 minutes and include time for warm up, stretches, light resistance exercises, Reformer Pilates exercises and balance exercises. All classes are eligible for health fund rebates.

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Anytime Physio Newstead Reformer Pilates Class Timetable
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Anytime Physio now offers small group exercise classes at our Gasworks clinic in Newstead. We have classes to suit all fitness levels, including Reformer Pilates, Men’s Flexibility and Senior’s Strength and Balance classes.

Health fund rebates apply. Classes start at only $32 per class.