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Expert Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury Physiotherapists

At Brisbane Anytime Physio, we are committed to providing a comprehensive, holistic and individually-tailored approach to physiotherapy. Through expert hands-on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise prescription, we ensure the best possible results for our patients’ healing and recovery.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Gasworks Plaza in Newstead to accommodate for your busy schedule. Our physiotherapy appointments are available until late on weekdays and 1pm on Saturdays. With a simple online booking system available 24/7, you can check appointment availability and book a time that suits you. 

Why Choose Brisbane Anytime Physio​

Physiotherapy is a field that has grown and evolved over time as we learn more about the human body and the science behind pain. All of the physiotherapists are up to date with the latest in physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and pain science research. The Brisbane Anytime Physio team are all highly qualified and experienced in dealing with a range of conditions and issues.

1. Comprehensive assessment
An accurate diagnosis and understanding of your specific condition is the first step to formulating your personalised physiotherapy treatment plan. During your initial consultation, we’ll conduct an assessment where we’ll:

  • Take a detailed history of your condition
  • Ask about any past treatment
  • Complete a thorough physical examination
  • Set realistic goals and expectations. 

2. Patient Education
We work with you to navigate your pain condition, so it’s important we’re on the same page. Our modern understanding of pain has evolved significantly over the years. The experience of pain involves complex anatomy, neurobiology and psychology.

While we don’t expect our patients to understand the specific sciences involved, we’ll educate you so you can better grasp what’s happening to your body and why. There’s even research evidence to suggest that pain education can positively influence pain and disability in chronic pain states. 

3. Treatment
Brisbane Anytime Physio isn’t just another standard physiotherapy clinic. We offer advanced pain and injury management options based on the latest ground-breaking research from researchers worldwide. We use a multidimensional clinical reasoning framework to develop a functional therapy treatment program tailored to target the key drivers of pain identified during your comprehensive assessment.

We use a variety of physiotherapy treatment techniques to ensure your rehabilitation achieves the best possible results. Treatment techniques used by our experts include:

4. Recovery and Pain Reduction
Once the key contributing factors have been addressed through hands-on techniques and self-management strategies, pain will improve and function will return. Initially physiotherapy treatment sessions are more frequent with usually 1-2 sessions per week over 2 weeks. This treatment frequency will reduce as your body recovers, and postures, habits and abnormal compensatory movements driving your pain are resolved.

Your physiotherapist will guide you at every step to ensure you lead to a full recovery. 

Remember, each body is different and so your path to recovery will also be unique.

5. Long-Term Care and Pain Prevention
We understand that life stresses the body. It’s especially unavoidable as some lifestyles involve positions and loads that are more likely to lead to pain than others. Whether your pain was brought on by work, sports or even just watching Netflix on the couch, your physiotherapist will give you preventative advice to reduce the risk of future injuries and pain. This will involve:

  • Leading an active lifestyle
  • Specific preventative exercises
  • Ergonomic adjustments for work.
​Just as you would service your car or go for a regular dental check-up, we recommend that you maintain your body through physiotherapy.

Ensure your body gets the care and rehabilitation it needs with Anytime Physio in Brisbane. Book your consultation in today at our Newstead Physiotherapy clinic.

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